Schmusi’s Honeymoon-Burger

Schmusi’s Honeymoon-Burger

The Honeymoon-Burger is my wifes favourite Burger for over a year…

My wife supported me a lot during the last 8 months of hunting school. So the first recipe, that is released after a long time, is dedicated to her : Schmusi’s Honeymoon-Burger !!!


Why is it called Honeymoon-Burger?
Apparently it is inspired by our honeymoon in Tulum, Mexico. After our honeymoon we had a small BBQ with friends and all the ingredients were on the table. They were suppose to be side dishes, but well… my wife made this tasty burger out of them


  • Burger Buns – Brioche Burger Buns from the local supermarket
  • Ground beef (80/20)
  • Bacon
  • fresh pinapple
  • Nachos or Doritos
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Guacamole
  • BBQ-Sauce
  • Teriyaki-Sauce
  • red onions



Honeymoon Burger
  • Make Guacamole like described in this  recipe . Cut the oniooooooooooooooons.
  • Make some 6 oz patties from the ground beef. For us a 6 oz pattie is perfect. We get our ground beef in 1 lbs packages so we can make 3 patties out of it. Additionaly the amount of beef fits perfect in our burger press.
  • Season the burger with salt, pepper and Teriyaki-Sauce. – Usually I freeze the burger a bit so it is easier to handle. If you have frozen burgers, let them defrost while they are covered in Teriyaki-Sauce.
  • Put the burgers on the grill and give them a nice color on the outside. When the burger have a perfect sear, put them into indirect heat and cover them with some cheese.
  • Cut the pinapple into half inch thick rings and put them on the grill. – fresh pinapple is what you want here. Not the canned shit that has no taste!
  • Cook the bacon and make it ready for the burger.
  • You want to give the buns a slightly toast on the grill.
  • Finally you can build your Honeymoon-Burger as shown in the pictures.


When you are facing this Honeymoon-Burger you will ask yourself: “How should I eat it?” –  No worries, just disjoin your jawbone and dig into the burger. It will work out somehow. And then you gonna say: “Mm-hmm! This is a tasty burger!”
Personally I prefer a more simple basic burger with less ingredients, but the Honeymoon-Burger has something to it. Besides the good taste, the green guacamole is an eyecatcher on every party.





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