Pulled Pork Pizza

Pulled Pork Pizza

We had a lot left overs from my birthday pulled pork. So it was time to make an awesome Pulled Pork Pizza

Pulled Pork Pizza:

The first time we made this pizza, was after our second pulled pork attemp. We were sick of pulled pork burger, but we also had left overs. I searched the internet for some ideas what to do with the remains. I found a recipe for a pulled pork pizza. It was kinda different to this one (mayo based sauce… ugh) but I liked the idea. So I organized some ingredients and made this pulled pork pizza, which blew me away:


  • pizza dough  – selfmade or buy one if you dont have much time.
  • BBQ Sauce – selfmade!!!
  • pulled pork – Only selfmade! If you use something from a discounter …. its your own fault.. #!@?!&$!
  • onions
  • cheddar cheese
  • oregano



Ok. To be honest: What I am suppose to write: Preperation: Make a big ball out of all ingedients and put it 2h in a freezer. Et viola you have a tasty pizza… Fits perfect to the pictures…

Come on… everybody can make this pizza with a bought pizza dough. We just subsituted the tomatoe sauce with bbq sauce. The remaining ingredients can be put on the pizza as you wish. I suggest that you put the cheese on top, so the pork stays juicy.



This recipe is super simple and super fast.It is amazing how awesome this pulled pork pizza tastes. I love pizza in general. So first I did not expect it to be more than “just ok”. Damn was I wrong… It was delicious…No Changes needed!
But watch out: This pizza is filling! So eat slow and most important: ENJOY!!!

You can always spice this Pulled Prok Pizza up with your favorite hotsauce.






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